Selasa, 03 Juli 2012

My Devil

iseng2 ngepost cerita yang ane buat pas lagi bosen.. XD
enjoy it~

Sono devil no koibito desu yo! :p

"this devil is my love!"

1. Akira Izumi
2. Chizuru Azayaka
3. Sato
4. Kazuki
5. Yamamoto

d jalanan sepi, trlhat seorang anag smu yg sdng brkelahi. Tnpa rasa iba cwo smu ini mnghjar lwannya, pdhal ia hnya sndri utk mnghdapi 20 org. Hnya dgn 1 tndangan, dy dpat mmatahkan tulang lwannya...

"huh! Cma sgini kmampuan klian? *mnengijak kpla slah stu lwannya*, org lmah spt klian mw mlawanku? Cuih!"
"a...awas", kta org yg d injak kplanya td, dlm htungan dtik org it pngsan, bgtu jg dgn 19 lwan lainnya, btpa tngguhnya pemuda ini!
"astaga Akira! Kw mnghabisi lwanmu tnpa ampun?", kta slah seorang cwo yg tmpak msh smu jg yg dtng tiba2.
Akira: "Sato? Kpan dtng?"
sato: "barusan sich, apa kw tdk apa2?"
akira: "iya, aq tdk apa2, ayo kta prgi! *mngeluarkan sesuatu dr saku clananya*, ini uang bwt brobat klian, maaf aq tlah mnghjar klian" *smbil mletakkan uangnya d smping lwannya*
sato: "wah wah, kw baik skali" *kagum*
akira: "hmm" *trsnyum dngin*

Rabu, 30 Mei 2012

L'Arc~En~Ciel - My Dear lyrics

L'Arc~En~Ciel - My Dear lyrics

Go ahead, try and search for love in the other side of the deep forest
(real love, my dear, is not for sale.)
Though I strained my eyes for a long time and didn't find it...
(real love, my dear, is hard to find.)

Listen, no matter if the whole word is stained in sin
I will never let go of this hand that ties me to you
You can trust me on this one thing

When I finally extended my hand and seized it in an embrace filled with happiness
(real faith, my dear, is too fake.)
It was all too vain and withered away in a moment
(real faith, my dear, is just a dream.)

If by the time the whole world finally met with happiness
I had met you, such an endless sadness
I would have never shown

Where can it be?
Where can it be? ... in my heart.

Sabtu, 04 Juni 2011

Death Note: Another Note The Los Angeles BB Murder Files


by: Mihael Keehl/Mello/ミハエル・ケール

English Version

Another Note - The Los Angeles BB murder files

When Beyond Birthday committed his third murder, he attempted an experiment. Namely, to see if it were possible for a human being to die of internal hemorrhaging without rupturing any organs. Specifically, he drugged his victim so they fell unconscious; tied them up, and proceeded to beat their left arm thoroughly, being careful not to break the skin. He was hoping to bring about enough hemorrhaging to cause death from loss of blood, but this attempt ended, sadly, in failure. Blood congested in the arm and it turned purplish red beneath the skin, but the victim did not die. They simply shook, convulsed, and remained alive. He had been convinced the blood loss incurred by this would be enough to kill someone, hut apparently he had underestimated the matter. As far as Beyond Birthday was concerned, the actual method of murder rated fairly low on the amusement scale, and it was never more than an interesting experiment. It did not particularly matter to him whether it succeeded or not.
Beyond Birthday simply shrugged, and took out a knife...
No, no, no, no, no.
Not this style, not this narrative voice—I’ll never manage to keep up this arch tone all the way through. The harder I try, the more bored I’ll get and the lazier the writing will be. To put it in terms Holden Caulfield (one of history’s most famous literary bullshitters) might use, detailing what Beyond Birthday
did and thought does not suit my purposes (even if, in my position, I have a great deal of sympathy for him). Explaining the entirety of his murders in carefully phrased sentences does not in any way increase the value of these notes. This is not a report, nor is it a novel. Even if it happens to turn into one of those, I will not be happy. I hate to use such a hackneyed line, but I imagine that by the time anyone lays eyes on these words I will no longer be alive. I hardly need to remind the reader about the epic battle between the century’s greatest detective, L, and that grotesque murderer, Kira. The instrument of death was a little bit more fantastic than a guillotine (for example), but all Kira accomplished was another reign of terror and a pathetically infantile way of thinking. Looking back, I can only surmise that the gods of victory smiled on Kira for their own vain amusement. Perhaps these gods actually wanted a blood-soaked world of betrayal and false accusation. Perhaps the entire episode exists as a lesson to teach us the difference between the Almighty and the shinigami. Who knows? I, for one, have no intention of wasting any more time thinking about this most negative series of events.
To hell with Kira.
What matters to me is L.